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Healthcare services for your pets at Miramar Vets

Our Services

  • Digital X-Ray
  • In House Laboratory
  • Nurse Clinics
  • Operating Theatre
  • Puppy Parties
  • Separate Dog and Cat Wards

Digital X-Ray

The latest acquisition in our range of specialist equipment – the new digital x-ray machine allows us to take better quality radiographs of your pet with less stress. Positioning for x-rays is faster and processing time much quicker, so your pet does not have to remain under general anaesthetic for longer than absolutely necessary. The viewing screen enables us to show clients the x-rays of their pets; we are able to highlight problems, enlarge images where necessary and use accurate measurements when assessing potential problems. We are also able to email x-rays to referral practices for a fast assessment of the injury.

In House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to carry out blood screening and other biochemistry tests on-site. These tests are useful for detecting a wide range of diseases; from anaemia and diabetes to liver and kidney disease. They are also used to pick up signs of infection and problems with the immune system. Rather than having to send samples off and then wait for the results, we can turn tests around quickly, meaning you have less time to wait and any necessary treatment can start as soon as possible.

Nurse Clinics

Our team of fully qualified veterinary nurses are available for procedures such as suture removal, claw clipping, administering medication and changing dressings, as well as for conducting post-operative assessments. They are also available to provide advice on a range of topics related to health, general care and behaviour. At our Sheringham and Cromer surgeries  nurse clinics are available every day, in the morning and afternoon – contact us for details.

We have five fully equipped and spacious consulting rooms. Three are used by our vets and the remaining two are dedicated to our qualified veterinary nurses, who run a wide variety of clinics.

Operating Theatre

Our large and multi-functional operating theatre is equipped with specialist veterinary diagnostic monitoring equipment to help us assess each individual case. All patients are constantly monitored and cared for by vets and qualified nurses throughout the duration of their operation. Our dedicated team of nurses also record measurements of each patient during the anaesthetic process and throughout a pet’s recovery.

Puppy Parties

We are delighted to provide our clients and their new puppies the opportunity of a fantastic start by attending one of our puppy socialisation courses.

The courses run for 4 consecutive weeks and cover various topics such as socialisation, nutrition and preventative health care as well as some tips for training and obedience. We work on a positive reinforcement ethos, using rewards of treats and play to encourage good behaviours and teach life skills for the future.

Puppies must have been given their first vaccination before they are able to attend. This course does incur a fee  (£25 for the course) and is held at our SHERINGHAM surgery on a Thursday morning at 11am. We estimate the course session to last between 45 mins – 1 hour each week. (Course dates will be confirmed when you book) Places are very limited on this course so please ring to book and we will send you an enrolment form.

Separate Dog and Cat Wards

Our wards are spacious, comfortable and scrupulously clean. Every effort is made to ensure that inpatients are as relaxed and happy as possible during their stay. Dogs and cats even have separate wards to further put them at ease. All inpatients are closely monitored and comprehensive records are kept for each and every one so that progress can be assessed.

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