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Out of Hours

What to do if your pet needs a vet outside of normal hours

Important Changes to our Out of Hours Service From 16th August 2021

From the 16th August 2021, we will be outsourcing our out of hours emergency provision to neighbouring practice Westover Vets, North Walsham.

Why the changes?

There is a shortage of qualified vets nationwide, so many practices are finding it hard to recruit vets especially if an emergency service is provided. Our current arrangement to share with Glaven Vets has now been severely impacted by the national shortage of vets and nurses and similar to the majority of vets in the UK, we can no longer provide the level of care we want in the middle of the night, especially with our current staffing levels.

This national shortage has been compounded by what has happened in the last 18 months. We have seen a huge change in the veterinary sector not only with the impact of COVID and Brexit, but with a change in many peoples’ mindsets regarding their priorities in life. Across the veterinary sector there has been a huge shift in the demand for a better work life balance, with many vets leaving the profession or wanting to be closer to their nearest and dearest. This has made it more difficult to recruit new staff as demand is high.

Our current out of hours service relies on members of the team to cover the emergency phone line after working a full day, and prior to another full day’s work the following day. This is the same for many practices who do their own on call work and use the same staff that work in the day. It may say on the websites that they provide 24-hour care, but this doesn’t mean there is someone awake all night waiting for you at the surgery, rather the on-call vet will come into the surgery out of hours specially to see you and your pet.

We would like to stress that it has been a very difficult decision for us to make, moving to outsourcing out of hours instead of keeping it in house but we now feel that we have little choice whilst trying to ensure that our own vets and nurses remain fresh for the daytime in order to continue offering our full range of services at Miramar Vets.

We want your pets to have access to the overnight care that we ourselves as pet owners would want, which is why, as of 16th August 2021, our overnight emergency service will be provided by Westover Vets at North Walsham.

In addition, we have also added Video Vets Now onto our website. This is an online consultation service available from 8am until 11pm every day for those cases where you may be unsure if your pet needs emergency treatment. Should your pet then be seen at either of the out of hours vets or our practice, when it reopens, within 48 hours, the cost of this online consultation will be refunded.

Please be assured that your pets wellbeing is our priority; this is the only way we can make this work moving forward.

If your pet is admitted for treatment during normal clinic opening hours:

Your pet will be looked after by your original vets as normal until they are ready for discharge, unless your pet needs our care over a weekend. In this case your pet will be transferred to Westover Vets in North Walsham.

Your pet will then stay at Westover Vets until they are ready for discharge.

The vet who is admitting your pet will inform you of the arrangements.

If your pet is admitted for treatment during out of hours or weekends

Your pet will be admitted at Westover Vets, North Walsham. Your pet will then stay there until they are ready for discharge. You will be advised by the out of hours practice of when to collect your pet.

Any inpatients that we have transferred Saturday, that remain at Westover Vets on Monday morning will be transferred back to us to continue their care, if a vet feels your pet is well enough to travel.

Due to staffing levels it may be necessary for you to collect your own pet from Westover Vets when they are ready for discharge or to continue treatment here at Miramar Veterinary Centre. All arrangements will be made with you and the attending Veterinary surgeon together.


All fees will need to be paid to the practice which has been looking after your pet. Payment will need to be taken at the time of treatment. This may mean you have two final bills. If you would like to claim on your pet insurance then you will need two claim forms, one for each practice.

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Miramar Vets – Cromer

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Please note our Cromer Branch is Temporarily CLOSED

Westover – The New Westover Vets

Hornbeam Road, North Walsham, Norfolk NR28 OFX

Telephone 01692 403202

Please Note - NR28 0FX is the correct postcode for this address but we have been advised that Google maps has trouble recognising this, postcode so we have been advised to try NR28 0FQ.